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Tweed Run

I just love tweed. There’s something very old school, very appealing in it’s texture, it’s colour and the way one prounces it – TWEE-D. I love it’s connotations, of something stuffy and formal and of old men running around in tweed hats. So with this in mind can you imagine how thrilled I was to discover The Tweed Run? (imagine a fangirl shriek inserted here)

And finally… someone who reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. No prizes for guessing why.

More info (and pictures) here:



Today is the second day of Chinese New Year celebrations here in Singapore. For the first day (and first day’s visiting) I wore a ’50s inspired red dress and a ’50s brooch bought from etsy:

Also Koumi Koumi‘s next collection is out now!

Paul Smith Fall 2009 RTW

I’ve always liked Paul Smith because I have a huge thing for spectacles and he makes some gorgeous ones. I also really like his use of colours, although I realise that most of my favourites are, well, black, white or grey.

I really like the models in the last two pictures. The rest of the collection here.

Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2009 RTW

OH MY GOD, seriously, stop teasing me with all these beautiful collections. Dammit. The Kenzo collection and this one have to be my favourites so far.

You know the drill: Here. Also, WHO is that model in the second and fifth pictures? He is gorgeous.

Kenzo Fall 2009 RTW

Love. At. First. Sight. Forget anything I said about the other collections… This one is perfect. The fabrics! The colours! The models! Everything looks so soft and comfortable and just so right. Even though I hate leggings to the maxxx on girls and especially boys, I can’t find fault with this collection because everything just looks SO GOOD TOGETHER. For a debut it is just excellent.

So many great ones, but these were just perfect to me. Starting with my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE:

Ugh how I love this collection. You can see the rest here.

John Galliano Fall 2009 RTW

Much of the collection was kind of nuts and some pieces really made me ‘wtf’ (the goat??? inspired ones especially. whaaat) but, haha, what else can be expected from John Galliano….. Anyway, while most of the collection was lost on me (I’m not really one for crazy fashion), I really liked a few pieces.

Those are probably the most “ready to wear” of the whole collection. Call me boring, but I like them and that’s all that matters. You can feast your eyes at the rest of the very, for lack of a better word, interesting show here.

D&G Fall 2009 Men’s RTW

I AM IN LOVE WITH THE JACKETS AND COATS. THEY ARE FANTASTIC. Especially the second one, oh gosh, why am I not a man.


I’m not a great fan of the jeans or the tshirts or the scarves or the bowties. This post is all about the magnificent coats and jackets, the pants in pictures 2 and 4, and that lovely blue shirt in the middle. See more here!