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Social Night

WIWT for Social Night

WIWT to accompany my friend for his Officer Cadet Schools’ Social Night. I actually had quite a lot of fun there just talking to him and getting to know him better, since he didn’t really know the other cadets that well as he had joined OCS late and we were really good acquantainces in school. I just realised in my rush to take this photo before he picked me up I actually looked into the camera, hahaha, how odd.

Dress: Modcloth

Cardigan: Zara

Brooch: Etsy

Belt: Some random small shop

Stockings (with backseam): AA

Shoes: Modcloth


Books By the Foot?

While looking for schoolbooks I stumbled upon this concept from Housing Works NYC which resells second hand books: purchase of books by ‘the foot’ for decor purposes. I’m not sure whether I love the idea from a design point of view (imagine lovely old world like books stacked up in many rows) or completely hate it from a literary point of view (is anyone going to read those nice looking books?! Or are they just meant to be completely pretentious?).

Good idea though, very novel (oho a pun!).

Link to Housing Works

Fairytales Redux

Remember those fairytales which we used to love when we were young? Dina Goldstein posting on JPG magazine has reshot some of them in a modern context, examples like Snow White being stuck with crying children as Prince Charming lounges in a chair drinking beer and watching TV (l0l). Here are some other examples:-

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Found while looking for shoes on

First the good: Seychelles Women’s Perfect Gentleman Mary Jane Pump (well, minus the name)

Now the bad: Dansko Women’s Sally Mary Jane (would make any toes look bulbous)

Finally the ugly: John Fluevog Women’s Qtee Mary-Jane Pump (words fail me)

Now, would anyone like to sponser me USD80 so I can get the Seychelles shoes?

Boob Scarves

Anyone remember Beardhead? Well, next up in the series of weird-things-that-keep-you-warm is….

Boob Scarves! Yeah, I don’t even know…


Credits to emily_stalvey11

I’ve always had a fascination with pearls because they made me think of the 1950s, like Jackie O. and company. Problem with this is that wearing a pearl necklace has the effect of making immature faces like mine look frumpy, and that I raided my grandmother’s jewelery box without much thought to dressing properly. My only solution then is to try and incorporate pearls in other forms of jewelry. Here’s some stuff I’ve found on etsy that have caught my eye:

1) Home to Nest by jewellerybyvanya

A cute modern update of the traditional pearl necklace

2) Sweet Pearls Necklace by carthyjewelry

I like how the pearls are meant to look like sweet peas in a pod. Cute!

3) Matte Gold Oval and Pearl Earrings by shlomitofir

I’ve also been trying to look for a pearl ring for some time after one in a department store counter caught my eye… Fingers crossed that I find it soon!

Alexander Wang Resort 2010

I haven’t been around for ages! Life got in the way. But after I saw the Alexander Wang Resort 2010 collection, I just KNEW I had to post about it. Love at first sight, especially those black shoes, oh yes.