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Social Night

WIWT for Social Night

WIWT to accompany my friend for his Officer Cadet Schools’ Social Night. I actually had quite a lot of fun there just talking to him and getting to know him better, since he didn’t really know the other cadets that well as he had joined OCS late and we were really good acquantainces in school. I just realised in my rush to take this photo before he picked me up I actually looked into the camera, hahaha, how odd.

Dress: Modcloth

Cardigan: Zara

Brooch: Etsy

Belt: Some random small shop

Stockings (with backseam): AA

Shoes: Modcloth


I Don’t Know Why My Internet is Painfully Slow Today

What I wore to eat Japanese food at Tam Po Po and watch True Lies (really amusing! I think Donald Trump borrowed his famous phrase “You’re Fired!” from here) at a friend’s house today.

Nowadays when I dress I always have to keep the temperature in mind so I don’t melt into a puddle when I’m outdoors. This results in dressing that tends towards sloppy, making me shudder everytime I see myself in a mirror (some guy addressed me as an ‘auntie’ too last week, an honorary term for an older person here, like your friend’s mum… and he looked older than me!). I think this manages to be a nice compromise though.

Skirt: Convertible dress from American Apparel

Top: Polo top from Gap

Earrings: Natural pearls (because nothing artificial could be so misshapen!) from some Thai Embassy Fair

Brooch: Etsy

I took the photo without my legs because my weeklong foray trekking around the Himalayan foothills have left them terribly leech and insect bitten. Urgh. Yet another thing that makes me shudder when I look at the mirror nowadays.

Paul Frank Is Your Friend


I don’t really understand how some fashion bloggers seem to be able to dress up so nicely and blog everyday. It seems like a lot of them don’t work in normal every day jobs because they were all sorts of stuff that can’t really be worn to work on a normal day by day basis (ie: too casual, get in trouble with the dress code). And also because JH and I haven’t posted in a while, here’s a small peace offering: a casual outfit that I wore out today.

Nothing really special again, but I like it enough. And btw, I hate my glasses.

Black Lace


This isn’t exactly a very creative ensemble but I just like it. Top is from Koumi Koumi (actually a really scandalously short dress) and skirt is from AA. I love the lace detailing on the high necked top, it gives off a ’60s vibe.

Also this is the first WIWT picture i’ve taken with me looking directly at the camera. I wonder how long this temporary burst of confidence will last, oho.

And last but not least here’s a lovely stop motion video made of photographs:

Germany to Germany

…is the song I’m listening to now. I really need to think of post titles that are loads more clever than “WIWT X”, so this is my attempt to pretend I’m being indie~ and oh so hip now. Right.

Anyway I realised I haven’t posted any WIWT stuff recently, so here is the combination I came up with last night and wore to work today after being inspired by this 60’s/70’s era fashion spread on some lj community. I was relieved more than anything else to finally figure out a proper way to use the vest because it was lying around since the day I bought it because I had no idea what to pair it with. Problem solved!

Another WIWT Work thing

More WIWT to work

I swear I’m like a one trick pony, every outfit I wear worth photographing has the same pair of shoes. Looks like my decision to buy that pair of white t-straps from Dollhouse was a good one. Here are some stuff from er I think more than a week ago that I neglected to put up. Sorry for the lack of updates, work is tiring and bumming takes precedence over having to actually think up proper posts.



WIW to Work 1

WIW to work 1
What I wore to work today. I cheat too, by switching to flip flops in the office so my feet can breathe and standing for hours at the photocopier is less painful. Tsk, I’m so terrible. I also went out to meet a friend and walked from VTB (Raffles Place) to Raffles Hotel (City Hall) to eat at Hock Lam Street Beef Noodles. They were good. Mmmmm.