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Born Free

Saw this last night and found it terrifying and reminiscent of History.

Mia’s Born Free


70 Million

70 Million by Hold Your Horses!

My current favourite music video – the song style reminds me of Los Campesinos! Love all the references to famous paintings, plus the video looked really fun to make.

United Nude Women’s Low Res Heel

Via Jiayun

Just as I was about to log offline last night, Jia showed me these orgasmic shoes. Not quite my usual preferred style, but oh my goodness I think I am in love with them, especially the baby blue colour. These are on sale for a 100 pounds, down from the usual 200 on

I love how they look like raw hewn jewels.

Shoes and Bag Love

I dashed out of my dorm last night to meet my new guy (the Bavarian as I call him), and it was only when I was walking down towards Russell Square that I actually looked at what I was wearing and then sort of inwardly squeal the most bimbotic squeal in history to myself. I just LOVED my bag and my shoes! Hahaha, how absurd is that?

It’s been an interesting few months here in London. Initially when I first got here I was trying so much to fit in without looking vain – and ended up in jeans and sneakers all the time. I would look at myself in the mirror and sigh. Then after a while as I started to get more comfortable in my surroundings (and fed up with myself) I attempted to start dressing in a pseudo-vintage ladylike style. (As an aside, why do majority of these British girls dress SO TATTILY? Finding clothes I like here is a nightmare because everything looks like some nightmare ’80s neon more-suitable-for-clubbing crap clothes)

Seychelles Shoes:

The only pair of shoes I own that is not in a monochromatic hue (no, really :/), I love the mix of a lovely foamy green and a light brownish strap across the foot. This is probably also the most expensive pair of shoes I own. I’ve only won this out twice though, first time when I met the Bavarian. And yes, that is a sack of 66p potatoes from Waitrose in the background.

Office T-Straps:

Got this from the Winter Sale for 15 pounds, but the first time I wore them during Chinese New Year, they really hurt my feet as my roommate and I just walked out for a Sichuan Lunch nearby. Will need to get gel pads for them.

Clarks Loafer Heels:

My newest pair of shoes! I got these on sale recently for 35 pounds. I wore them last night and absolutely love them (but they ¬†gave me new shoe blisters). I love the slightly stacked wooden heel (I assume) and the fact that well, they are loafers. The Bavarian likes them too, so that’s a perk.

Metal frame black bag:

I bought this bag for just 4 pounds from a Vintage store called The Ballroom in Oxford. I can’t believe I spent 3 days deciding whether I wanted to pay 4 pounds for this bag, mainly because I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to use it because it’s a bit small to bring to school. Now, I can honestly say this bag is one of my best buys. When you zip it open, you can feel the metal frame in the top part open up. Plus it is small enough (yet large because I manage to put the book I’m reading now into it yesterday) to look dainty. Love love love, omg.

Okay, I so need to start studying Presidentialism vs Parliamentarism now.