Tweed Run

I just love tweed. There’s something very old school, very appealing in it’s texture, it’s colour and the way one prounces it – TWEE-D. I love it’s connotations, of something stuffy and formal and of old men running around in tweed hats. So with this in mind can you imagine how thrilled I was to discover The Tweed Run? (imagine a fangirl shriek inserted here)

And finally… someone who reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. No prizes for guessing why.

More info (and pictures) here:


3 responses to “Tweed Run

  1. Ditto the fangirl shriek, sister! What a FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC combination: men (props to the tweedy chicks as well), tweed, knickerbockers, knee socks, sexy caps, and booze! I love those crazy Brits. Thank you for a great post (and I love your blog name!!!!).

  2. Thank you so much for your compliment! I really appreciate it. I hope they have another Tweed Run next year when I’ll be in London so I can take pictures!

  3. Lucky you!!

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