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Noki A/W 09

Odd, but so beautifully shot! I really like the textures and patterns, and even if I’d never wear them personally, they are so nice to look at and admire. See the rest of the collection on Dazed Digital, or visit the NOKI site here.


Random High Street Stuff

I think I’m a very bad fashion blogger because I don’t really understand the appeal of haute couture most of the time. I usually can’t be bothered when half the fashion blogging world is going mad crazy about New York Fashion Week/*insert random big city name here* Fashion Week. This is also probably why I prefer fashion blogs that don’t ramble on about inacessible pricey pieces that can’t really be worn off the runway (well they’re vintage-sided too) like Rhiannon from Liebemarlene.

Anyway here are 2 pieces for two high street labels that have caught my eye recently:

Penelope Cruz for Mango

I saw this picture all over the city area yesterday when I was out. I was mesmerised (well partly by Penelope Cruz and her lovely eyes). I love the rounded neckline and the little button at the top coupled with the plaid. Makes me think of those day dresses that were prevalent in the early ’40s and possibly ’30s during the depression years.

Babara Hulanicki for Topshop

I love the high neckline with the gathered bodice area, really makes me think of ’60s mod dresses. I love the fitted buttoned waist too (I’m such a sucker for cute button detailing) and the frilly skirt plus the soothing grey-ish purple (or purplish-grey) colour.

Ack, I really shouldn’t be drooling over stuff I’ll never be able to get ):

Anja Rubik Black & White for Vogue UK

I kind of like this! Not the black eyebrows though – I don’t get them – but the overall feel is pretty nice. Plus it’s Anja Rubik, whom I love. See the rest of the shoot here and watch the awesome shoot video here!

Paul Frank Is Your Friend


I don’t really understand how some fashion bloggers seem to be able to dress up so nicely and blog everyday. It seems like a lot of them don’t work in normal every day jobs because they were all sorts of stuff that can’t really be worn to work on a normal day by day basis (ie: too casual, get in trouble with the dress code). And also because JH and I haven’t posted in a while, here’s a small peace offering: a casual outfit that I wore out today.

Nothing really special again, but I like it enough. And btw, I hate my glasses.

“Look At This Fucking Hipster”

“If I didn’t already know I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones, I would bet myself $100 that I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones.”

OMG HAHAHAHAHA. I’m terribly amused. Link from Fashion Indie.

Black Lace


This isn’t exactly a very creative ensemble but I just like it. Top is from Koumi Koumi (actually a really scandalously short dress) and skirt is from AA. I love the lace detailing on the high necked top, it gives off a ’60s vibe.

Also this is the first WIWT picture i’ve taken with me looking directly at the camera. I wonder how long this temporary burst of confidence will last, oho.

And last but not least here’s a lovely stop motion video made of photographs:


Ever wanted a beard, but never had the patience or the ability to grow one? NEVER FEAR!

Beardhead to the rescue! One size fits all.