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I Don’t Know Why My Internet is Painfully Slow Today

What I wore to eat Japanese food at Tam Po Po and watch True Lies (really amusing! I think Donald Trump borrowed his famous phrase “You’re Fired!” from here) at a friend’s house today.

Nowadays when I dress I always have to keep the temperature in mind so I don’t melt into a puddle when I’m outdoors. This results in dressing that tends towards sloppy, making me shudder everytime I see myself in a mirror (some guy addressed me as an ‘auntie’ too last week, an honorary term for an older person here, like your friend’s mum… and he looked older than me!). I think this manages to be a nice compromise though.

Skirt: Convertible dress from American Apparel

Top: Polo top from Gap

Earrings: Natural pearls (because nothing artificial could be so misshapen!) from some Thai Embassy Fair

Brooch: Etsy

I took the photo without my legs because my weeklong foray trekking around the Himalayan foothills have left them terribly leech and insect bitten. Urgh. Yet another thing that makes me shudder when I look at the mirror nowadays.



Latest add to my Google Reader (fashion wise anyway, minus the rubbish websites like Photobomb): Elinkan

Usually dressed up in cute outfits that I wish I had and dressed only as wonderfully as the Scandinavians can, I love her outfits. This picture however blew me away for the intensity of the red, the high black socks and her red lipstick, and how she could pull it all off without looking strange.

Argh, I’m jealous.

I’m Not Dead Yet

Hi. With the past rushing at job, a week trekking in Nepal and the subsequent week being sick in Nepal, I was unable to post anything. Sorry.

Presenting today’s OMG What Were They Thinking? Piece:

Because every girl like to have tassels hanging from her legs right?