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Yes We Can Can Can Can!


I was 11 when Moulin Rouge first came out. Like all overly enthusiastic 11 year olds, I was quickly taken in by the catchy beat of Lady Marmalade cover by Christina Aguilera (stop spelling her name as Xtina!!!), Mya, Pink and Lil’ Kim and promptly went to buy the OST, without even watching the movie.

Of course as the years went by, I acquired the VCD (whoah, ancient!) and watched it – then there were the repeated screenings of Moulin Rouge on free-to-air-television (like how they show Jingle All the Way every year from the early ’90s) – finally on Tuesday, I watched it again to satisfy this weird urge I had during my exams period to watch the movie. There were 3 things I noticed about the movie, watching it again after 7 years.

1) Ewan McGregor is one hot man/Incongruous in this role


I fell in love with him in 2001, and I have fallen in love with him again! Who doesn’t love the idea of a sensitive, optimistic, romantic man? A man who sweeps you off your feet with his words, and the knowledge that you know he’ll never leave you? AWWWWW. HEART MELT. That and his duet of Come What May with Nicole Kidman – a song littered with words so sweet it can only be compared to All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera.

Watching him in the movie however, the words “OMG It’s Mark Renton!” kept playing in my mind. Though I never watched the movie, I did read the book. And damn, that role was so disparate from that of this one. I felt slightly weirded out watching him sing those honeyed words.

2) Nicole Kidman is SO incongruous in this role

I like Nicole Kidman, but she always gives off this really rigid/self-conscious/can’t do nonsense vibe. Watching her in Moulin Rouge again was mindblowing. She was crawling around, doing silly dances, saying silly things, things that were so out of sync with her other roles. Yet somehow to the eyes of a 11 year old, it appeared so convincing. Make what you will of this.

3) Moulin Rouge is exploding with pop culture references

Everyone remembers the cameo by Kylie Minogue as the Absinthe fairy, but to an 11 year old kid I thought it was just the typical thing drunk people saw. Once again age goes a long way in disproving once held notions. For example, it’s only with age that I realise how the soundtrack consists of loads and loads of covers.

Some are really obvious, like Lady Marmalade originally being done by Labelle and Your Song done by Elton John. Then there are the age old ones that everyone knows about, like Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. There were others however, that I felt were more obscure – like El Tango Roxanne being Roxanne by Sting (which I didn’t know and asking my friend why he was singing a song from the Moulin Rouge).

There were also other passing mentions that I might have missed, like Christian saying I was made for loving you baby you were made for loving me! I almost missed that one too, till the friend who I was watching the movie with pointed out it was the song I sent him. Then there was the number 1 reference that went on and on for ages, but I completely forgot: the Like a Virgin scene.


Like a Virgin was already referenced earlier, so I thought it would not come out again. I was mistaken however and completely died with laughter when the actual scene between the Duke and Harold Zidler came on when they were dancing and chasing each other around, singing Madonna’s Like A Virgin while random waiters were dancing at the sides.


As much as this may rankle the chains of film elitists, I daresay that it is better than some of the films which I have watched but did not understand either conceptually or plot wise (Le enfant, Youth Without Youth). A hallmark of a good movie(/film) is of something that is beautifully both style wise (bonus points for Moulin Rouge featuring Magic Realism convincingly), having memorable emphatic characters and a plot that strikes a chord with the reader and is timeless. And thus this ends my ‘review’, 7 years after the movie first hit the big screens.


Trashy Diva

Vintage shopping is always a real headache, especially in a thrift shop scarce environment like Singapore. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more on something which still carries the unmistakable mark of vintage design yet compromise on the authenticity of age of the garment, why not consider vintage reproductions? While there are many such online designers to be found, today’s post will be on the oddly named Trashy Diva.


Operating out of the United States of America, Trashy Diva is a boutique that specialises in 40’s and 50’s reproduction dresses – my two favourite eras for fashion.


Of all the cuttings and design of the dresses – this has to be my favourite one. I love the cinched waist, the kimono-like top and the slightly puffy sleeves. You can find many out variations of this dress in different patterns on their website.


Looking at this dress actually makes me feel a twinge of regret for not searching more when I purchased my prom dress online. I love the colour which is striking and the overall late ’40s design of the dress. Oh well, perhaps another time!


The shop is also running a special on their famous Trixie dress, selling for $34 now – a real bargain considering most of their dresses retail for $100 and up (in USD of course). Whatever it is, I’m in love with their designs!

Koumi Koumi

Hi? Remember me? Melodie? Well, I’m finally free from the demon known as school for the next 10 months (how awesome is that?) and I am back to try and blog for twigsandtweed with a vengeance!

First off is a plug for a local store owned by an acquaintance, Koumi Koumi.

koumi koumi

koumi koumi2

Koumi Koumi is a small store which refurbishes mostly ’60s dresses, tailoring them to be both more fitting size wise, and more fitting to the modern aesthetic point of view. If you’re interested in vintage fashion, they are definitely worth a look.

Merry Early Christmas!!!


or click the image to watch our AWESOMEXZZXZ Christmas video we made specially for everyone, which we could NOT embed here because WordPress was being a TOTAL BITCH and did not allow us to embed it (which I think Melodie was secretly happy about because the video is so very ridiculous but it is BECAUSE it is just so very silly that I LOVE IT and everyone should make it too, even though it is a magnificent waste of time, but, hey, it’s not like I had anything better to do with my life).

With love from the two elves, Melodie and JH xoxo

The Killers – Spaceman

Yeah, I know, I know, I’m so late with this.

This picture just reminds me of Muse, idk why

This part is insanely and annoyingly catchy:

The starmaker says it ain’t so bad
The dreammaker’s gonna make you mad
The spaceman says everybody look down!
It’s all in your mind

The first time I heard this song, I just knew: I HAVE to get Liselle to download this for Rock Band (November 25, can’t wait). IT WILL BE SO FUN TO PLAY. I can’t wait to do the drums for this… The vocals would be extremely fun too. I’m learning it already. The guitar/bass may be a bit challenging though, ahhhhh I need to play this song. Can’t say I’m a huge The Killers fan, but they have some catchy songs and this is one of them. Plus, they are the best to play on Rock Band. AND GUITAR HERO! When You Were Young, harhar. Okay, I’m not making much sense. Just listen to it.


Men in (mostly) black

Let it be known that I am in NO WAY a Zac Efron fan, and I think he isn’t good-looking at all (he looks like a scary plastic doll to me… he always looks so SHINY) except when he played Link in Hairspray and those pictures of him on the set of Me and Orson Welles, but omg I really like what he was wearing to the GQ Men of the Year party (although what he’s doing there is questionable because he isn’t much of a man to me, oh my). Am I rambling? I’m rambling, aren’t I…

Black suits ftw!! This, and my extreme boredom (although I really should be sleeping), inspired me to look through all the Spring 09 Menswear runway shows available on (and I really think they should improve the whole system thingy but okay whatever not the point here), and I’ve decided…. I REALLY LIKE BLACK SUITS. Like really, really, really. Examples:

Okay, slightly overkill but whatever whateverrrrr I do what I want

007: Another Way to Die

Daniel Craig as James Bond is really growing onto me. I’m starting to like this aggressive new Bond. (I haven’t forgotten you, suave Pierce Brosnan Bond!)

I went to watch Quantum of Solace yesterday and, while the story was kind of stupid and there were many, many, many irrelevant and unnecessary parts, I loved the suits (Daniel Craig wears Tom Ford well), the coats (omg the coats!! Especially the one Yusef was wearing at the end), the accents (Fields’ accent was gorgeous; too bad she was such a small part) and other stuff.

I really, really like the coat Daniel Craig wore in that first still, and the dress in the second. One day when I get the DVD, I’ll do a post about the fashion. Right now, though, I’ll talk about the amazing theme song.

Jack White and Alicia Keys seem like such an unlikely combination, but the end result is strangely awesome. It was love at first listen. My favourite Bond song so far is “You Know My Name” sung by Chris Cornell (ex-frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave), which was the theme for Casino Royale.

Another Way to Die
You Know My Name