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I was looking at Raincoats on Etsy

And amongst all the raincoats (none which really caught my eye) was this gem:

KraftKorner on Etsy
“We carry handmade clothes for cement geese in 6 different sizes. There is no excuse for a naked goose!”


I keep cracking up looking at this.


Boob Scarves

Anyone remember Beardhead? Well, next up in the series of weird-things-that-keep-you-warm is….

Boob Scarves! Yeah, I don’t even know…

Hey Macarena!

(I have no idea why it cuts off suddenly, but this is the best I could find)

Anyone remember this? Ah, how it reminds me of my childhood.

On another note, look at their outfits! Reminds me of Clueless.

I’m Not Dead Yet

Hi. With the past rushing at job, a week trekking in Nepal and the subsequent week being sick in Nepal, I was unable to post anything. Sorry.

Presenting today’s OMG What Were They Thinking? Piece:

Because every girl like to have tassels hanging from her legs right?

“Look At This Fucking Hipster”

“If I didn’t already know I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones, I would bet myself $100 that I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones.”

OMG HAHAHAHAHA. I’m terribly amused. Link from Fashion Indie.


Ever wanted a beard, but never had the patience or the ability to grow one? NEVER FEAR!

Beardhead to the rescue! One size fits all.

Jerry Hall Should Be Mr Fantastic In The Next Fantastic 4 Movie

Photoshop disasters anyone?

Taken from Chanel Spring/Summer 2009