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Born Free

Saw this last night and found it terrifying and reminiscent of History.

Mia’s Born Free


70 Million

70 Million by Hold Your Horses!

My current favourite music video – the song style reminds me of Los Campesinos! Love all the references to famous paintings, plus the video looked really fun to make.

Annabel & Ruby

Alice Dress

Yet another lovely etsy shop showcasing vintage reproduction dresses, this time more from the ’30s era. I love the simplicity of the Alice dress and how glamourous the Esme dress looks. I wish that when my wedding comes around, I can wear something similar, oho.

Esme Dress

Hey Macarena!

(I have no idea why it cuts off suddenly, but this is the best I could find)

Anyone remember this? Ah, how it reminds me of my childhood.

On another note, look at their outfits! Reminds me of Clueless.

I’m Not Dead Yet

Hi. With the past rushing at job, a week trekking in Nepal and the subsequent week being sick in Nepal, I was unable to post anything. Sorry.

Presenting today’s OMG What Were They Thinking? Piece:

Because every girl like to have tassels hanging from her legs right?

Black Lace


This isn’t exactly a very creative ensemble but I just like it. Top is from Koumi Koumi (actually a really scandalously short dress) and skirt is from AA. I love the lace detailing on the high necked top, it gives off a ’60s vibe.

Also this is the first WIWT picture i’ve taken with me looking directly at the camera. I wonder how long this temporary burst of confidence will last, oho.

And last but not least here’s a lovely stop motion video made of photographs:


Taken from an ANTM photoshoot

I loled when I saw the expression on this model’s face.

Also I’m this week’s Fashionista of the Week on ModLife! Yay. It’s a bit weird going there now and seeing my picture on their blog though.