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Annabel & Ruby

Alice Dress

Yet another lovely etsy shop showcasing vintage reproduction dresses, this time more from the ’30s era. I love the simplicity of the Alice dress and how glamourous the Esme dress looks. I wish that when my wedding comes around, I can wear something similar, oho.

Esme Dress


Social Night

WIWT for Social Night

WIWT to accompany my friend for his Officer Cadet Schools’ Social Night. I actually had quite a lot of fun there just talking to him and getting to know him better, since he didn’t really know the other cadets that well as he had joined OCS late and we were really good acquantainces in school. I just realised in my rush to take this photo before he picked me up I actually looked into the camera, hahaha, how odd.

Dress: Modcloth

Cardigan: Zara

Brooch: Etsy

Belt: Some random small shop

Stockings (with backseam): AA

Shoes: Modcloth

More Modcloth Love

Damn Modcloth.com, they always have such nice pretty vintage-esque dresses that make me want to throw practicality into the wind (and thrift) and buy them ):

Current obsessions:

Polka Dot Dress (I’m seriously considering buying this, I’m surprised it’s not sold out yet!)

Big Sleep Dress (I love how it’s so ’30/’40s. I wish I had this for prom instead)

Torch Song Dress (So very ’60s!)

AAAAA, so many pretty dresses, so little money (+ space).

I really hate giving titles to posts

Spotted: Dotted Zip-UP Dress by F21 that has a very ’40s like cut (wide free hip area, ruched waist and draping top). I would seriously consider getting it if not for the fact that I have far too many dresses that I can’t bring to London :p