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Black Lace


This isn’t exactly a very creative ensemble but I just like it. Top is from Koumi Koumi (actually a really scandalously short dress) and skirt is from AA. I love the lace detailing on the high necked top, it gives off a ’60s vibe.

Also this is the first WIWT picture i’ve taken with me looking directly at the camera. I wonder how long this temporary burst of confidence will last, oho.

And last but not least here’s a lovely stop motion video made of photographs:


Koumi Koumi

Hi? Remember me? Melodie? Well, I’m finally free from the demon known as school for the next 10 months (how awesome is that?) and I am back to try and blog for twigsandtweed with a vengeance!

First off is a plug for a local store owned by an acquaintance, Koumi Koumi.

koumi koumi

koumi koumi2

Koumi Koumi is a small store which refurbishes mostly ’60s dresses, tailoring them to be both more fitting size wise, and more fitting to the modern aesthetic point of view. If you’re interested in vintage fashion, they are definitely worth a look.