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I was looking at Raincoats on Etsy

And amongst all the raincoats (none which really caught my eye) was this gem:

KraftKorner on Etsy
“We carry handmade clothes for cement geese in 6 different sizes. There is no excuse for a naked goose!”


I keep cracking up looking at this.


Gone With The Wind

A Scarlett O’Hara inspired piece by Etsy seller BetaBoutique:

I love the stripes and the shape of the skirt 😀

Gowns for Prom

Last night as a result of realising I didn’t own a single formal gown and out of sheer boredom, I went to Etsy and found 5 random gowns that caught my eye (mostly vintage because I was looking for something on the cheap):

1) Black Maxi Grecian dress, $42.00

2) Green Grecian dress$62.00

I like how the neckline is reminiscent of those glamour dresses of the 1930s! If I’m not wrong the gowns of the 1970s attempted to replicate the dresses of the 1930s.

3) Ice Blue Lace Gown $45.00

A real beauty from the 1930s, I love how the seller made all sorts of Indiana Jones puns in her listing. Hahaha. Pity it’s not in very good shape anymore.

4) Baby Blue Dress $228.00

This was really the listing that started off this entire list. I was blown away by the light delicate colour and the cute neck details. Pity it’s far too big for me and is priced pretty steeply.

5) Chistmas Gown

Okay yeah this is a joke, makes me think of Austen (and Pride and Prejudice and zombies). But doesn’t it look pretty? Awwww.

6) Black Edwardian Gown

A reproduction dress from the early 1900s, this dress was just too pretty to pass on for this list. The seller mentions Titanic and I certainly can see this being worn by Kate Winslet. I love the neckline details.

Annabel & Ruby

Alice Dress

Yet another lovely etsy shop showcasing vintage reproduction dresses, this time more from the ’30s era. I love the simplicity of the Alice dress and how glamourous the Esme dress looks. I wish that when my wedding comes around, I can wear something similar, oho.

Esme Dress


Credits to emily_stalvey11

I’ve always had a fascination with pearls because they made me think of the 1950s, like Jackie O. and company. Problem with this is that wearing a pearl necklace has the effect of making immature faces like mine look frumpy, and that I raided my grandmother’s jewelery box without much thought to dressing properly. My only solution then is to try and incorporate pearls in other forms of jewelry. Here’s some stuff I’ve found on etsy that have caught my eye:

1) Home to Nest by jewellerybyvanya

A cute modern update of the traditional pearl necklace

2) Sweet Pearls Necklace by carthyjewelry

I like how the pearls are meant to look like sweet peas in a pod. Cute!

3) Matte Gold Oval and Pearl Earrings by shlomitofir

I’ve also been trying to look for a pearl ring for some time after one in a department store counter caught my eye… Fingers crossed that I find it soon!

Sharp Cuts

I’ve always been a fan of more feminine cuts for clothes: think clinched waists and cuts which tend to follow the natural curvature of a woman’s body (hence my gravitation towards vintage styled clothes). Recently however 2 articles of clothing which differ from my usual style preference have caught my eye and refused repeatedly to migrate from my mind.

Moonlighting Skirt from Modcloth (okay, perhaps the draping is reminiscent of the bustle of Victorian skirts)

and Cowl Neck Pocket Tunic by emilyryan.

Of the 2 the Cowl Neck Pocket Tunic really sticks out in my mind. It reminds me strongly of Yohji Yamamoto and Commes Des Garcons (though please correct me on this if I’m wrong) even though I’ve never quite been a fan of theirs. It also looks like the perfect thing to be braving a wintry London day in style. If only I was convinced I’d be able to pull it off adequately!

HAHAHA twilight

JFYI, JH and I hate Twilight. We believe it’s the worst piece of literature that has recently captured the imagination of the public. Unfortunately it appears more than 50% of the world begs to differ with that opinion. This post however can be seen both ways: a celebration of the trashiness of Twilight or a fete of the artistry of the fans of ~sexy~ vampires.

This post first started very innocently when I was surfing etsy to look for a new wallet when I stumbled upon this gem:

USD 14 from ThumpersTreasures

My mouth literally went dry at the wonderful creation! It was Twilight! It had tiled book cover images! It had a picture of Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson! OMG WIN. The inside lining is black too! So dark! So goth! Like the story! Omg! MORE WIN!

This excellent piece of artwork made me want to go out and seek more fine pieces!

USD 18.50 by essenceoftwilight

Then I found this toiletry set! After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like a hot ~sexy~ vampire? ^_^ Nevermind that no one actually know how Edward Cullen smells because he is a fictional character! What next? Cthulhu perfume?

However what if smelling Edward Cullen isn’t enough for you? Then purchase this glow in the dark soap and rub his face all over your orifices! Pretend he’s really there, soaping you up. WINK WINK~

USD 5.50 from dugshop

If that isn’t enough, why not retire to your room where Edward Cullen awaits to greet you for your ~sparkly!~ entrance into your dark lair where the vampires like you reside?

USD 6 from puppet

Of course being the awesomely dark vampire you are, you must dress like one too! If you’re flat broke and can’t go out and buy a new entirely black and blood red wardrobe, then why not try this iron on patch that proudly proclaims you’re a ballerina vampire ^_^

USD 3 from lizmiera

Of course if you have a bit more to splurge, then the sky’s the limit! So why not try this awesome twilight inspired (what else?) charm bracelet?

USD 120.99 from poetsummer

If you lean a bit to the arty organic side (why not, after all Edward IS a vegetarian vampire), why not try this screen printed canvas bag showing your great love for Mr Edward Cullen… after your initial flings with Dracula (too un-vegetarian for you) and the like.

USD 12 by thefunkyflower

We musn’t forget neck pieces too, because after all necks are the most important part to vampires! To attract a vampire nearby you to sink his/her fangs into your soft never-been-touched-by-the-sun-and-in-desperate-need-of-vitamin-D-skin, why not draw their attention to your love of vampires by wearing this piece?

For more versatility, it’s printed on a dog tag too! So vampire Afghanistan and Iraq stationed soldiers can join in the fun too!~

USD 5 by QBTots

We musn’t of course forget all the little vampire babies running around named Renesmee or some odd derivative. They too can join in their vampric love of Edward Cullen by proclaiming it on their little bellies! Nevermind that vampire babies are considered evil in twilight lore and must be destroyed! (I read the wiki when I was bored in work. Had to stifle the disparaging laughter.)

USD 15 by malenahandbags

However the best is invariably saved for the last. Look at the image below, does it seem a little odd to you? Look closer, guess why.

USD 8 by MyMagicMe

That’s right, that’s not Bella Swan there! It’s some horrible interloper pretending to be Bella Swan! :O :O :O for all you die hards there, why not purchase a special shoop of yourself and Edward in it? Nevermind that he only has eyes for Bella Swan, you can PRETEND to be Bella Swan! :O Isn’t it thrilling? Isn’t it thrillingly stupid?

Oh twilight.