Sorry Sorry!

Sorry so much for not posting anything over these past few weeks/months. I highly suggest adding us to your RSS feed instead and hope that we get to a regular posting shcedule, though I honestly have no idea when that’ll be. That way you’ll still get to see our sporadic updates.

My excuse? I’ve been away overseas for sometime, and before that it was work work work.


My latest want: The Human Ingredient T-Shirt

Available here from $20.


Annabel & Ruby

Alice Dress

Yet another lovely etsy shop showcasing vintage reproduction dresses, this time more from the ’30s era. I love the simplicity of the Alice dress and how glamourous the Esme dress looks. I wish that when my wedding comes around, I can wear something similar, oho.

Esme Dress

Yumumu + Clever Nettle

Last week I attended a fashion show in Zouk (along with what must’ve been a thousand other people) because I had a friend that was doing a small showcase there. After her showcase, the real fashion show started and my friends and I stayed behind to watch despite the fact that we hated the atmosphere (club, with loud music and dark lights). I was preparing to be unimpressed by what I saw since Singapore isn’t really know for a budding fashion centre/I don’t really like couture, but instead I discovered Yumumu, a wonderfully girly designer who definitely used vintage as an inspiration for her new line. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the clothes from that night, but I went to her website and instead found pieces from her East Asian Misfits line thoroughly captivating as well:

And closer to the vintage blogging world, is this lovely dress ’50s ruffled dress from Clever Nettle that caught my eye as I was reading her blog. Just as well that it’s reserved for someone else… US$82 is a bit over my budget.

Was I Mistaken?

Yesterday I logged onto again as usual and saw the most darling green dress (had a bit of a ’20s vibe for me) which was a nice shade of either kelly/emerald green and cost about USD80. I was really put off by the price, but loved the design so much I went to investigate further… Imagine my surprise when I found out there was only size L and XL left! This from a dress that had been put up just mere hours before. Gosh.

Then today I logged on trying to get a glimpse of it again, but it was nowhere to be found on the Modcloth website! I wasn’t even listed as Sold Out under the New Products or Dresses section. Goodness. If I didn’t know better the dress was but a dream. Pray tell Modcloth, if you ever see this, what happened?

P.S., I’ll do my best to persuade my lazy ass to post a proper post on the fashion show I saw last week tomorrow.

Social Night

WIWT for Social Night

WIWT to accompany my friend for his Officer Cadet Schools’ Social Night. I actually had quite a lot of fun there just talking to him and getting to know him better, since he didn’t really know the other cadets that well as he had joined OCS late and we were really good acquantainces in school. I just realised in my rush to take this photo before he picked me up I actually looked into the camera, hahaha, how odd.

Dress: Modcloth

Cardigan: Zara

Brooch: Etsy

Belt: Some random small shop

Stockings (with backseam): AA

Shoes: Modcloth

Books By the Foot?

While looking for schoolbooks I stumbled upon this concept from Housing Works NYC which resells second hand books: purchase of books by ‘the foot’ for decor purposes. I’m not sure whether I love the idea from a design point of view (imagine lovely old world like books stacked up in many rows) or completely hate it from a literary point of view (is anyone going to read those nice looking books?! Or are they just meant to be completely pretentious?).

Good idea though, very novel (oho a pun!).

Link to Housing Works

Fairytales Redux

Remember those fairytales which we used to love when we were young? Dina Goldstein posting on JPG magazine has reshot some of them in a modern context, examples like Snow White being stuck with crying children as Prince Charming lounges in a chair drinking beer and watching TV (l0l). Here are some other examples:-