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Saturday Morning Watchmen

I don’t care what critics say, Watchmen was AWESOME. Okay, some parts were quite awful (lolol Nite Owl/Silk Spectre II scenes), but the good ones overshadow the bad (Rorscach ftw) and the cinematography was beautiful, so THERE! I want to see it again.

Anyway, because I have been on a Watchmen media binge for the past week or so, watch this very LOL video:

P.S. Watchmen comic, anyone?


Lucky Three

Lucky Three is an 11-minute short film featuring Elliott Smith playing acoustic songs. Directed by Jem Cohen, the film was recorded October 17-20, 1996 in Portland, Oregon, and released in 1997. It is available on Kill Rock Stars’ Video Fanzine #1 release (1999, out of print). In an MTV indie outing interview, Smith described it as “a cross between a video and a documentary, but actually being neither of the two.”

It’s old, but I was in an Elliott Smith mood again and felt like watching this (again) for like the 1000000000000000000th time. I absolutely love his live performances and this short film has three of the best ones. Angeles (the last one) is my absolute favourite performance here.

Elliott Smith is my absolute favourite. Every time I watch this I feel like crying. His smile at the end is just so heartbreaking. There’s so much emotion in the way he sings. I wish he were still alive so I could see him perform in real life.

WTF s.Darko

Donnie Darko 2? You have GOT to be kidding me.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea. Straight-to-video you go…

No Reservations

IMDB link

The movie really wasn’t anything special at all. I have to admit, I wasn’t really watching it. I put it on and went on to play Tetris on facebook, occasionally looking up, but that was it. It’s not really the sort of movie you have to watch intently anyway. It’s a typical romance movie, yes, so weird I know, but I was in a sappy movie mood (I went on to watch P.S. I Love You and nearly died….. of boredom). Anyway I thought this series of pictures were cute and I hadn’t updated in eons so I thought I’d just post this for now. Is it weird that I knew Philip Glass composed the song played at the beginning of the movie merely 5 seconds in? I am such an OST nerd.

If you want to watch this, I suggest watching the original movie (Bella Martha – imdb) that this was based on; it’s much better. Aaron Eckhart makes for much better eye-candy though, imo.

Best ever “Eye of the Tiger” cover

So I watched Persepolis today and it was great. The artwork is gorgeous, especially the buildings and scenery… Everything was magnificent. One day I’ll do a screencaps post about it, it’s that pretty. This is my favourite scene from the movie:

Epic cover. EPICCC. By the way, it was sung like that on purpose. The actress doesn’t really sound like that. She sang the song again for the soundtrack and it’s really pretty sounding, although the original will always be the best.

“Come Play With Us”


On almost every single top ten list of cinematic masterpieces from the last century is The Shining. Adapted from a novel by the renowned king of horror Stephen King and coupled together with the artful vision of Stanley Kubrick the film’s impact on the consciousness of modern popular culture has not been limited. Even today the wide appeal and memory of this film can be seen by how many youtube fan videos have been made with various scenes from the film, especially with the notorious opening scene.

The film itself was more creepy than an outright scream fest, a nice departure from the slow all consuming overt horror of the last horror film I watched (for I am no sadist when it comes to my sanity), Ju-on in 2003. Instead it was more subtle and psychological. More a “holy shit wtf just happened here?!” kind of a mysterious creepy. Instead the only screaming that happened was when the music (which played a huge part in setting the mode of the film) was heading to a crescendo as Jack chased his son around the snowy maze and I was all tense and scared about whether he’d catch his son, then a heard a knock from the glass door next to me, turned and saw a face peering in there (it was someone arriving late for my class’ New Year party). I fell off the couch too.






Anyway, happy belated New Year. May 2009 be a better year for all of us!

Shortbus (+OST)

You’ve got to get on to get off.

IMDB link

These caps are deceiving. The movie is way more sexual than this (haha, the caps here are PG at most) but for the sake for the general public (and the fact that I don’t want some people to know that I do watch these kinds of movies and are open to them), I didn’t post the more risqué ones. More information about the movie can be read here. Basically, it’s arty indie porn, with some plot here and there. I’m not spending too much time talking about the movie itself (it was ok) because the real point of this post is the soundtrack.

Rarely am I ever really impressed by a movie soundtrack, but this one really blew me away. IT IS AWESOME! I don’t care if you watch the movie or anything (I agree, it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, man, even I didn’t even like it much) but give the soundtrack a try at least. The whole thing has a very laidback feel. It’s made up of a lot of acoustic and folky tracks… Great for a lazy day. I’ve uploaded my favourites. Seriously, if I had the time right now I’d upload EVERYTHING (because everything truly is wonderful… There wasn’t a track I didn’t enjoy), but I don’t, so if you want anything, just let me know!

Azure RayIf You Fall
Jay BrannanSoda Shop
Gentleman RegIt’s Not Safe
Scott MatthewUpside Down
The ArkKolla Kolla
(Full track listing and a review here)

If anyone wants the full soundtrack, tell me. Trust me, it’s great.