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United Nude Women’s Low Res Heel

Via Jiayun

Just as I was about to log offline last night, Jia showed me these orgasmic shoes. Not quite my usual preferred style, but oh my goodness I think I am in love with them, especially the baby blue colour. These are on sale for a 100 pounds, down from the usual 200 on

I love how they look like raw hewn jewels.


Advertising 101

I finished my print ad for my advertising module in school and I’m kind of really proud of it (haha) so I shall post it here. Everything was done with Photoshop and all images (besides the Capri-Sonne one) were taken off Flickr. I’m too lazy right now (it’s 5am, zzzzz) to re-find the people who took the photos but MUCH THANKS to them.

Click image for a slightly bigger one

The more I look at it, the more tired of it I get. I see it like every day, every two hours (at the least). It’s OVERKILL, seriously. Advertising is kind of a pain!