Uniqlo Singapore

The first ever SEA Uniqlo store opened right here in Singapore yesterday! I was really looking forward to it and seriously rushed down all the way from Clementi to Tampines (okay, I guess to people overseas, it isn’t THAT far…. but, hey, this is Singapore, guys) after work… I was expecting a crowd, but what I got when I arrived was more like a stampede or something. MY GOD, was it crowded! There was a huge queue (all the way to like almost two storeys above the store itself) and security everywhere……

So after about 15 minutes of waiting, we finally reached the store front! Everything looked so bright and colourful….. Too bad about the crowd. Navigating through the place was a horror and, for someone slightly agoraphobic, it was kind of terrible. I was so irritated with everything and people were throwing clothes all over the place….. HUGE MESS. I found a couple of things I liked despite it all. There was this awesome polo shirt, but unfortunately all the S sizes were sold out. Boo. I DID buy myself a shirt though:

Bought it 2 sizes too big with the intention of wearing it as a dress…. Similar to this, I suppose. It’s a look I’ve been wanting to try out, but didn’t think I could pull it off. With the hot weather these few days though (and like every single day here really), I literally feel like pulling the leggings off (harhar bad pun).

Probably going again sometime soon… There’s an opening sale all the way till 19 April, so check it out if you haven’t! Also, go here for a ~special surprise~!


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