Style Scout

As someone of you might have guessed, I am heading to the UK to study in Uni at the end of this year. This will prove challanging because I’ve never lived outside of Singapore in a place with such wide fluctuations of temperature before, much less a place where the temperature is way beyond less than sweltering. As such I’ve been stockpiling up the long sleeved basics from F21 (and trying hard to avoid dresses and skirts in general ): ) and trying to figure out ways to style so that I don’t end up like the cliched sloppy university student. Fingers crossed for that. Today I wandered onto Style Scout to see what the Londoners were wearing during this time of the year and spotted a few styles I loved. For the record I only put the above picture up because I laughed when I saw the guy on the right.

I love love love the patterned stockings on the woman in the last picture which go so nicely with her shoes and vintage dress. Seeing the last two images actually make me wonder whether it is possible to wear skrits and dresses with stockings in the UK because everyone else seems to be wearing jeans and pants because of the weather. Fingers crossed that I won’t freeze to death there trying the skirt/stocking combination out.


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