Eugenio Recuenco

I first encountered Eugenio Recuenco last year when I was bumming around foto_decadent on lj and was blown away. The post is now long gone (what a pity) but his name has always remained in my mind. Finally a few months ago I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he now had his own website with his entire portfolio online (!!!) and have thus now finally gotten around to blogging about it.

As with Desiree Dolron, I’ve always had a soft spot for dramatic and surreal pictures that are borderline macabre. Eugenio Recuenco fits nicely into this category with clever twists on themes like fairy tales (my favourite) and classical paintings (though I don’t know the name of the original). He is definitely my favourite photographer thus far.

Here are a bunch of new photos that have caught my eye today + my 3 previous favourites at the bottom:-

Bonus! Awesome photo that is too big to be hosted on twigs&tweed.


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