Come On Let’s Get High

I used to be one of those types who was highly disdainful about ‘popular’ music. While I wasn’t at full hipster indie I-am-superior level, I still didn’t like the idea of people just listening to whatever is popular because everyone else happened to be doing so. After the double deaths of my laptop in a mere year however, my music repository and mood to go out and look for good bands only dried up. From last year to now I daresay the only 2 artists have really found their way into my itune because I bought the CDs from this place in Manila – A Fine Frenzy and Duke Special.

Recently however the weirdest songs keep popping into my head and staying there, resulting in endless replays on the very sad From old school songs like Conti’s Gonna Fly Now from the Rocky Movie (I blame JH for this) to Kanye West’s Love Lockdown (I think this was from hearing bits from a television trailer), the latest to have joined this is Franz Ferdinand’s Ulysses (from hearing the band chant ULYSSES and and associating it with the army company my friends in BMT got assigned to).

When my friend first showed it to me, I didn’t think very much about it. I also kind of groaned mentally when I saw the band name, associating it with those random girls I see wearing skinny jeans, Franz Ferdinand band shirts and converses. I found the video quite interesting however, for the retro washedout grainy feel it had. Yes I am aware this seems to be a common technique nowadays, but I found it enticing nonetheless. I also thought the title was quite interesting. I initially thought it was some song in stream-of-consciousness style like Joyce’s Ulysses which was referenced in the title of the song. Instead the song appears to be about preparing for a night out of partying. There is probably some deeper implication here that I am missing, probably because I’ve not bothered to touch Joyce’s Ulysses.

Whatever it is, high literary associations aside, it’s one song definitely worth listening to.

I should also learn to leave the music side of this blog to JH.


2 responses to “Come On Let’s Get High

  1. lol melodie i used to be one of those skinny jeans/franz ferdinand band shirt girls

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