M.I.A. – Paper Planes

Ah, M.I.A.! I remember I used to listen to her Arular album obsessively back in the day. Until my entire hard drive was wiped out and I had to build up my music collection all over again.

Super old track by now, but I watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday (in my defense, movies come out later here!) and I remembered just how much I liked the track. I was surprised that no one else here appeared to recognise the song!

The scenes in the movie when paired together with this song is just amazing. I would like to declare here and now my massive love for Danny Boyle and his films, even though I thought Sunshine was rather silly.

Paper Planes
Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
Extra! An awesome Radiohead/M.I.A. mash up – Surprise Paper Planes (No Surprises vs. Paper Planes). Odd I know, but it works.

The entire Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack is AMAZING though. Watch it, it’s cute (albeit a teeny bit overrated, I think), but the soundtrack is a MUST.


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