No Reservations

IMDB link

The movie really wasn’t anything special at all. I have to admit, I wasn’t really watching it. I put it on and went on to play Tetris on facebook, occasionally looking up, but that was it. It’s not really the sort of movie you have to watch intently anyway. It’s a typical romance movie, yes, so weird I know, but I was in a sappy movie mood (I went on to watch P.S. I Love You and nearly died….. of boredom). Anyway I thought this series of pictures were cute and I hadn’t updated in eons so I thought I’d just post this for now. Is it weird that I knew Philip Glass composed the song played at the beginning of the movie merely 5 seconds in? I am such an OST nerd.

If you want to watch this, I suggest watching the original movie (Bella Martha – imdb) that this was based on; it’s much better. Aaron Eckhart makes for much better eye-candy though, imo.


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