Vintage Brooches


By now I’m sure everyone has heard about Mad Men for it’s fantastic script writing and vintage fashion (+ the fantastically beautiful Christina Hendricks). Sadly I have yet to get hold of the actual show because I lack cable and Singapore TV sucks in general. This doesn’t mean however that I have to be out of the loop when it comes to imitating some of the ’50s fashion styles seen on the show. One of the easiest ways to doing this is to use vintage brooches (or brooches that are vintage-ly styled enough) which can be pinned on to plain high or boat necked tops/dresses.

Here are some details to look out for:

1) Rhinestones – the more the merrier

2) Gold plated or gold toned brooches

3) Symmetrically shaped brooches

4) or alternatively quirky brooches of unusual objects

..and here are some example from etsy:

from buyoldschool

from KreativeKrafter

from VermontJewelry

from VermontJewelry

from Fancifun


One response to “Vintage Brooches

  1. hey loving the blog! you may also like my retro vintage inspired fashion blog, let me know what you think:


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