“Come Play With Us”


On almost every single top ten list of cinematic masterpieces from the last century is The Shining. Adapted from a novel by the renowned king of horror Stephen King and coupled together with the artful vision of Stanley Kubrick the film’s impact on the consciousness of modern popular culture has not been limited. Even today the wide appeal and memory of this film can be seen by how many youtube fan videos have been made with various scenes from the film, especially with the notorious opening scene.

The film itself was more creepy than an outright scream fest, a nice departure from the slow all consuming overt horror of the last horror film I watched (for I am no sadist when it comes to my sanity), Ju-on in 2003. Instead it was more subtle and psychological. More a “holy shit wtf just happened here?!” kind of a mysterious creepy. Instead the only screaming that happened was when the music (which played a huge part in setting the mode of the film) was heading to a crescendo as Jack chased his son around the snowy maze and I was all tense and scared about whether he’d catch his son, then a heard a knock from the glass door next to me, turned and saw a face peering in there (it was someone arriving late for my class’ New Year party). I fell off the couch too.






Anyway, happy belated New Year. May 2009 be a better year for all of us!


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