Shortbus (+OST)

You’ve got to get on to get off.

IMDB link

These caps are deceiving. The movie is way more sexual than this (haha, the caps here are PG at most) but for the sake for the general public (and the fact that I don’t want some people to know that I do watch these kinds of movies and are open to them), I didn’t post the more risqué ones. More information about the movie can be read here. Basically, it’s arty indie porn, with some plot here and there. I’m not spending too much time talking about the movie itself (it was ok) because the real point of this post is the soundtrack.

Rarely am I ever really impressed by a movie soundtrack, but this one really blew me away. IT IS AWESOME! I don’t care if you watch the movie or anything (I agree, it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, man, even I didn’t even like it much) but give the soundtrack a try at least. The whole thing has a very laidback feel. It’s made up of a lot of acoustic and folky tracks… Great for a lazy day. I’ve uploaded my favourites. Seriously, if I had the time right now I’d upload EVERYTHING (because everything truly is wonderful… There wasn’t a track I didn’t enjoy), but I don’t, so if you want anything, just let me know!

Azure RayIf You Fall
Jay BrannanSoda Shop
Gentleman RegIt’s Not Safe
Scott MatthewUpside Down
The ArkKolla Kolla
(Full track listing and a review here)

If anyone wants the full soundtrack, tell me. Trust me, it’s great.


3 responses to “Shortbus (+OST)

  1. hey, i’d really like to have the soundtrack. truly, great movie and musics!

  2. Sure, give me a little time to upload this though!

  3. don’t have to – found it via torrent
    thanks anyway 🙂

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