Hi. I’ve been missing for a long time. Here are my reasons for my absence:
1) Prom preparations
2) Trip to Cambodia
3) Fell sick
4) Trip to Philippines

So anyway in an attempt to pretend I actually have something worthwhile to post about, I shall post the details about where I got my prom stuff (which all happen to be online).

Veil (which sadly can’t really be seen in the above picture) from annabronwyn @ etsy. A similar hairpiece can be found here.

Necklace and earrings were customised for me by intrigued @ etsy. Adeline was extremely helpful and accommodating towards my ideas and requests which was a relief since I ended up rushing to find appropriate jewelry with one week to go to prom.

My dress was from, black backseam stockings from American apparel and finally shoes from

The whole prom experience was really crazy, simply because for some reason I decided to put so much effort into it. I started preparing months in advance (admittedly as a break from studying for the mid year examinations and the like) and hence managed to order everything on time. Still, it’s not an experience I’d like to relive again any time soon (though it was fun shopping and dressing up).


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