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Norman Parkinson

Personal life update: I’m happy today!
In other news….

Official Website

Is it weird that I find it amazing that he passed away in 1990 while on assignment in Singapore? I was BORN in 1990 in Singapore. OMG, COINCIDENCE?!


Catchy songs for terrible moods

If you know me well enough, you would probably know that I haven’t really been in the greatest of moods these couple of days. With no phone, I’ve been feeling increasingly moody and antisocial. Also, I missed out on a great pair of shoes. Other random issues as well but THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR THAT. You know where to go if you want to find out what’s going on.

I’ve been drowning my sorrows in a select few ~stellar~ (or not so) songs:

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (muh muh muh mah)
It’s so catchy, argh. I actually quite like Lady GaGa‘s music. Hah.

This video is probably one of the most amazing things ever. I always enjoy Electric Six‘s videos. COMEDY GOLD.

Matt and Kim are always enjoyable! This is their best song, in my opinion. It doesn’t hurt that they are one of the cutest couples ever (and this video is ridiculously funny to me).

One day I will post up full playlists and real uploads. I can’t upload anything now since I’m not at home and the internet connection here is shitty and unreliable.

Here’s to better days!

Desiree Dolron

As a peace offering for the huge huge hiatus I’m about to take now (my exams end on the 20th November), I leave you with the haunting images of Desiree Dolron. She hails from Belgium I think and takes the most dreamlike, surreal and enchanting pictures that stay in your mind the entire day. Apparently her works are also featured at the City Hall location for the Singapore Biennale, which is ending soon (and it makes me damn pissed that I missed seeing it).




K, see you guys when this nightmare of mine is over!

*By the way, these are all photos, not paintings. Makes it all the more awesome eh?


And in honour of that, and the fact that I saw this post on The Sartorialist, here are some people I find insanely hot:

Dee and Ricky, possibly the most awesome twins alive. They make really cute Lego (I USED TO LOVE LEGO SFM) brooches and belts and their stuff was featured in the S/S 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs show.

T.I.!!!! I’ve never listened to his music (not much of a rap/hip hop fan) but he is GORGEOUS.

MOS DEF!!! I love his music and it doesn’t hurt that he is really cute too. Black on Both Sides is an amazing album. I don’t care if his later work isn’t awesome, I still love him anyway.

Asobi Seksu

Two songs by amazing shoegaze/indie band Asobi Seksu that I listen to when I’m feeling… weird. I can’t describe the feeling except to say that it’s the odd feeling a person gets while walking alone on a street in the middle of the night. Perhaps I’m the only one who gets that, but, moving on…

My favourite lines:
Once I had a girlfriend and she made my heart just want to die
Once she gave a reason but the end just made me cry

WIWT (Halloween Fail edition)

So yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up for the very first time. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SCHOOLGIRL, but ended up just being a very lousy panda. Not exactly fashion forward (or even fashionable at all) but I thought it’d make a fun wiwt post EVEN IF IT WAS A SILLY COSTUME.

1st: Panda hat from Harajuku, white suspenders from Lips Enterprise, shirt from mother, shorts from Topshop, stockings from some cosplay store; 2nd: my oh so ~hxc~ (non-leather) “biker” jacket I got from Tracyeinny (basically the same outfit, just add the jacket and take away the suspenders).

I also wore these shoes from River Island:

Well, okay, not the EXACT pair, because those are men’s shoes, but mine looked just like that, except with black soles. There was a really shitty picture of mine on the RI website though so I didn’t want to post that one.

WOO I look like such a fatty. I felt weird tagging this as “fashion” because as a fashion… umm.. thing, it’s questionable. Trust me when I say that I don’t usually wear tights under shorts and I really HATE that, but I HAD NO PANTS. Validate me, thanks.