Trashy Diva

Vintage shopping is always a real headache, especially in a thrift shop scarce environment like Singapore. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more on something which still carries the unmistakable mark of vintage design yet compromise on the authenticity of age of the garment, why not consider vintage reproductions? While there are many such online designers to be found, today’s post will be on the oddly named Trashy Diva.


Operating out of the United States of America, Trashy Diva is a boutique that specialises in 40’s and 50’s reproduction dresses – my two favourite eras for fashion.


Of all the cuttings and design of the dresses – this has to be my favourite one. I love the cinched waist, the kimono-like top and the slightly puffy sleeves. You can find many out variations of this dress in different patterns on their website.


Looking at this dress actually makes me feel a twinge of regret for not searching more when I purchased my prom dress online. I love the colour which is striking and the overall late ’40s design of the dress. Oh well, perhaps another time!


The shop is also running a special on their famous Trixie dress, selling for $34 now – a real bargain considering most of their dresses retail for $100 and up (in USD of course). Whatever it is, I’m in love with their designs!


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