007: Another Way to Die

Daniel Craig as James Bond is really growing onto me. I’m starting to like this aggressive new Bond. (I haven’t forgotten you, suave Pierce Brosnan Bond!)

I went to watch Quantum of Solace yesterday and, while the story was kind of stupid and there were many, many, many irrelevant and unnecessary parts, I loved the suits (Daniel Craig wears Tom Ford well), the coats (omg the coats!! Especially the one Yusef was wearing at the end), the accents (Fields’ accent was gorgeous; too bad she was such a small part) and other stuff.

I really, really like the coat Daniel Craig wore in that first still, and the dress in the second. One day when I get the DVD, I’ll do a post about the fashion. Right now, though, I’ll talk about the amazing theme song.

Jack White and Alicia Keys seem like such an unlikely combination, but the end result is strangely awesome. It was love at first listen. My favourite Bond song so far is “You Know My Name” sung by Chris Cornell (ex-frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave), which was the theme for Casino Royale.

Another Way to Die
You Know My Name


3 responses to “007: Another Way to Die

  1. i like the heavy bass/electric guitar part of the song. and i thought fields was really robotic at first, although she did look immaculate. oh and i love the suits too!! especially at the party where all the men wore the same suits.

  2. Any idea who made the coat that Yusef is wearing at the end?

  3. unfortunately, i don’t! i’m trying to find out though, or at least look for similar pieces…

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