And in honour of that, and the fact that I saw this post on The Sartorialist, here are some people I find insanely hot:

Dee and Ricky, possibly the most awesome twins alive. They make really cute Lego (I USED TO LOVE LEGO SFM) brooches and belts and their stuff was featured in the S/S 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs show.

T.I.!!!! I’ve never listened to his music (not much of a rap/hip hop fan) but he is GORGEOUS.

MOS DEF!!! I love his music and it doesn’t hurt that he is really cute too. Black on Both Sides is an amazing album. I don’t care if his later work isn’t awesome, I still love him anyway.


3 responses to “OBAMA WON!

  1. lol this seems like a racist post šŸ˜›

    and TI! remains sexy while doing so.

  2. oh yeah i think andre 3000 is one of the coolest blacks around. and pharrell williams is good-looking.

  3. oh no, is it really racist!? and how did the whole TI remains sexy while doing so start? OH YEAH THEY ARE QUITE HOT TOO

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