Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

Desiree Dolron

As a peace offering for the huge huge hiatus I’m about to take now (my exams end on the 20th November), I leave you with the haunting images of Desiree Dolron. She hails from Belgium I think and takes the most dreamlike, surreal and enchanting pictures that stay in your mind the entire day. Apparently her works are also featured at the City Hall location for the Singapore Biennale, which is ending soon (and it makes me damn pissed that I missed seeing it).




K, see you guys when this nightmare of mine is over!

*By the way, these are all photos, not paintings. Makes it all the more awesome eh?



And in honour of that, and the fact that I saw this post on The Sartorialist, here are some people I find insanely hot:

Dee and Ricky, possibly the most awesome twins alive. They make really cute Lego (I USED TO LOVE LEGO SFM) brooches and belts and their stuff was featured in the S/S 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs show.

T.I.!!!! I’ve never listened to his music (not much of a rap/hip hop fan) but he is GORGEOUS.

MOS DEF!!! I love his music and it doesn’t hurt that he is really cute too. Black on Both Sides is an amazing album. I don’t care if his later work isn’t awesome, I still love him anyway.