Daily Archives: November 1, 2008

WIWT (Halloween Fail edition)

So yesterday was Halloween and I dressed up for the very first time. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SCHOOLGIRL, but ended up just being a very lousy panda. Not exactly fashion forward (or even fashionable at all) but I thought it’d make a fun wiwt post EVEN IF IT WAS A SILLY COSTUME.

1st: Panda hat from Harajuku, white suspenders from Lips Enterprise, shirt from mother, shorts from Topshop, stockings from some cosplay store; 2nd: my oh so ~hxc~ (non-leather) “biker” jacket I got from Tracyeinny (basically the same outfit, just add the jacket and take away the suspenders).

I also wore these shoes from River Island:

Well, okay, not the EXACT pair, because those are men’s shoes, but mine looked just like that, except with black soles. There was a really shitty picture of mine on the RI website though so I didn’t want to post that one.

WOO I look like such a fatty. I felt weird tagging this as “fashion” because as a fashion… umm.. thing, it’s questionable. Trust me when I say that I don’t usually wear tights under shorts and I really HATE that, but I HAD NO PANTS. Validate me, thanks.