‘I Kissed A Boy’ and other annoyingly catchy songs

Judge me if you will, I can’t stop listening to these tracks. They aren’t “good” music or whatever but YOU CAN’T DENY THAT THEY AREN’T CATCHY AS HELL.

1. ‘I Kissed a Boy’ by Cobra Starship (download!): It’s probably not common knowledge that I like what is their most well-known song – Snakes On a Plane (Bring It), but I do! It’s shitty but it’s undeniably fun. This is a cover/parody of Katy Perry’s very well-known, slightly ~controversial~ (omg lesbianzzzz) and frankly kind of awful-sounding, I Kissed a Girl. I’m probably just biased but, ugh, it’s so annoying.

2. ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station (download!): Yes, godammit, they are a shitty band led by possibly one of the ugliest men on the planet, but, despite this song being pure pop trash, it is just TOO CATCHY and, yes, I WILL CONFESS THAT I LOVE IT. The guitar riffs and the beats are fun. Come on, even the most ~elite~ of listeners have to admit that.

3. ‘See You Again’ by Miley Cyrus (download!): Okay, this one I’m embarrassed about. I won’t even attempt to explain myself here. You may judge me for this, I know she’s terrible. Also, I can’t stand her face. BUT. AHHHH. TOO. CATCHY.

Other annoying songs I kind of like but have not been listening to recently: Nelly Furtado’s Maneater, Kylie Minogue’s 2 Hearts (Kish Mauve Remix), Madonna’s Hung Up, ABBA’s Mamma Mia, Christina Aguilera’s Candyman

Also, I don’t know why but Damaged by Danity Kane is growing on me.

Yeah, my music tastes are questionable. I’ve been in a poppy mood these days. Britney Spears’ Womanizer? A-ha’s Take On Me and other corny 80s songs? And now this?

Somebody save me quick! I’m going down.

P.S. If you’re curious, here’s my last.fm. I swear I don’t always listen to silly pop…..


4 responses to “‘I Kissed A Boy’ and other annoyingly catchy songs

  1. i kissed a boy and they liked it, got all the honeys in the club excited! i kissed a boy just to start shit, and homeboy was not about it!

    and i have listened to Shake It for 52 times so far. hahaha

    OH i LOVE snakes on the plane (bring it) too btw!!!

  2. LOL. The only one I listen to on repeat is the Britney song, still!

  3. lmao i just found a retarded spoof of Shake It called “Bake It”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJTQq_OuMOs&NR=1

  4. that guy sings terribly!!!

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