When someone says ‘coat’, images of the typical generic black belted trenches typcially spring to mind, like of this happy looking lady in her black coat.


While there is nothing wrong with having a simple black coat for cold weather (and for that matter, everyone should invest in such a versatile and utilitarian coat!) which is classy and fits in every situation, after a while it gets a little boring. It becomes too generic. If everyone is equally ‘classy’ and ‘stylish’, doesn’t it mean that the boundaries for achieving such accolades would shift to demand more? This is why for the person who daring enough to try something different (with extra cash to spare too) there is Modcloth! (and it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of that website if I haven’t said so before).


First off there is the gorgeous Amber Coat which I seriously considered getting. I love how the large buttons are made of wood and the collar has a scarf like detailing. Then there is the cut of the coat, how it manages to look feminine and not like some amorphous asexual blob (though sometimes androgyny is sexy) even though winter is all about covering up.


Another coat is the same vein is the Grey Expectations Coat (yes you can facepalm at the corniness of that name) which is a little more simplier, yet still manages to stand out with it’s unique grey colour and black button detailing.


For the last of the neutral toned coats, we have the nicely named Grace Kelly coat which matches perfectly with the namesake actress. I can imagine her, with her softly curled long hair loose, wearing the coat. The short bell sleeves add a nice, if a little impractical touch. The white pearly buttons also nice touch, making the coat look more refined and classy in a vintage way. This coat practically screams ’30s too.

For all lovers of colour who have been despairing over my past few choices, there coats ought to make your eyes pop by the sheer bold palettes used. If nothing else, the colour alone will make you stand out on a gloomy winter’s day (WHY WHY WHY DON’T WE HAVE WINTER IN SINGAPORE ): ) on some random London street.
The Marne Coat channels a real British high street tone to me. The military like details, the belting and the unique neck line all give the coat an odd sort of punk vibe. The bright unconventional colour also goes some way to adding to such a perception. Modcloth used to carry the coat in yellow too, but I suppose it got sold out.
This coat reminds me of Mary Poppins. I think this is partly because it was called the Supercalifragalisticexpaladocious coat before they renamed it. Besides the obvious colour, the neckline of the coat is rather unique. The use of a doll like wide collar give the coat a very soft and vintage feel. There’s also the added bonus of the feminine cut of the coat.

Finally to round up this random post on coats, there’s the coat that doesn’t look like a coat at all – the Astor Coat:
I find myself enthralled by this coat because it really reminds me of the Victorian style of dressing. From the high straight neckline, the round medium sized buttons from throat down, the gathered sleeve tops, the buttoned cuffs to the waist sash – it absolutely shouts I’M VICTORIAN! in a soft ladylike Victorian sort of way. This is really the coat that inspired this post – and it costs a sweet USD 99.99.

I don’t suppose anyone is interested in hiring a literature reviewer who moonlights for a fashion blog? Pretty please?


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