Batman: Hush


I got the Batman: Hush compilation book for my birthday! ISN’T THE ART SO GORGEOUS? Jim Lee is a god, seriously. Him and Lee Bermejo are two of my favourite comic artists. I don’t care if the storyline and writing isn’t much to talk about because, to be honest, I’m more of an art person than a story person (comics tend to have super complicated plotlines and I think I have ADD or something but I just can’t follow them well…. I get confused and distracted). I REALLY LIKE THE BATMAN/CATWOMAN INTERACTION HERE THOUGH. Bat/Cat OTP!

Favourite moment ever:

I’d wanted that book ever since the first time I saw that scan of them kissing. The girl in me who dreams of princes on white horses and castles in the clouds squeals every time she sees that image. Aw, Batromance.

See more Jim Lee artwork here!


2 responses to “Batman: Hush

  1. YEAHH i ship batman/catwoman too!!! catwoman is my favourite female character in batman! i used to have this yellow catwoman t-shirt that i wore all the time in kindergarten/lower primary.

    btw do you remember ? favourite batman cartoon series of all time.

  2. OMG BATMAN:TAS IS THE BEST!! I’ve been watching it online, haha.

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