Ribbon Wands!

When I get really bored, I have a tendency to just wander to Etsy and look at random things that attract my eye. This is my find for today: ribbon wands!

This of course begs the question, what the hell are ribbon wands? They’re exactly what their name says: wands with ribbons attached to them. Think rhythmic gymnastics, and those Simmons commercials that are showing on television now – yes those glorious wavy fluid thingamabobs.


As a child I always wanted one of those to swing around and create Beautiful Looking things. Pretend I was a pretty ballerina with the grace of a swan. Dance daintily all over the place. Or alternatively use the ribbon as some sort of a bondage tool (okay so I lied, I imagine myself doing this with a ribbon wand when I get older). Whatever it is, they’re awesomely kiddy and girly.

Damnit! I so want one, and in pretty pwetty pink too.

They cost about USD$10, which isn’t too bad a price though. Pity it seems like they don’t ship to Singapore. Get them from ribbonwands@etsy.


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