Hello Stranger

Sorry for the long break between posting, but between JH’s reentry into schooling life and my ejection from it to the hells of Self Study Before A Really Big Exam – we’ve partly run short of time to find new things to blog about and time to actually blog itself. Anyway here is my peace offering (which I actually discovered early this year) – Hello Stranger.

It was the time when My Blueberry Nights came out and I started to listen to the soundtrack addictvely. Nestled among big names like Cat Power and Norah Jones was the little known Hello Stranger with Devil’s Highway. I ended up falling in love with the song and started listening to it over and over again.

Devil’s Highway

Take It To The Maxx

It was thus in the first part of my romance that I determinedly went off searching for their songs and found Take It To The Maxx on Youtube with a really cute ’70s themed music video. Their actual self titled debut album turned out to be very different from the song they contributed to the soundtrack. It’s pop-ey, dance-y and is strongly reminiscent of 70’s era dancey pop like lyrics like “oh, you sexy Robody”.

If anyone wants more of their songs, comment and I’ll be more than glad to upload them.


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