Plastic Operator

I can’t remember why I started listening to this band again, but I’m so glad I did. I’d first heard of them while surfing through and I didn’t really like them that much at first, but my music tastes were different then.

Plastic Operator plays cute and happy electropop music. They are really fun to listen to, and the (french?) accented English makes it 10000x better. It fits well with the music. With lyrics like “that’s why I copy and paste into your folder”, HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO THEM? Hahaha, okay, that’s not a great example, but the sheer geekiness of that line made me go ‘awww..’.

They also have dolls of themselves, which is kind of awesome:

Fun with Mathieu and Pieter!

For fans of: Freezepop, maybe The Postal Service (but better!), capsule

Special Case
Another Sound
Why Don’t You?


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