Personal Style

Today I took the SAT Reasoning Test again at the Regional English Language Centre. As usual the place was half filled (if not more) by scholars from China (there’s a good reason why, but my going into it will be really out of place on this blog). A friend of mine even said that when he first stepped into the test centre, he wondered if he fell into a teleporter which zapped him to China. So anyway yes, there were alot of China scholars around.

The thing I noticed most prominently about some of them however, was that they had a great sense of style. There was a guy that was dressed in all black, he had the whole hipster-long sleeved shirt with rolled up sleeves look going and it actually looked great on him. Even his boxers were chequered black and white (low slung pants, he leaned over alot) – something I found really amusing. There was also this other girl who dressed really grungy, using a plaid flannel long sleeved shirt as a jacket of sorts over a black shirt and loose brown khakis.

While there was nothing groundbreaking about how they were dressed, they certainly provided a refreshing change from the usual shirt-jeans-converses combo that 45% of the population sports now (the other 45% wear the shirt-jeans-havianas combination). On top of that it was evident that they were fully comfortable with what they were wearing, there was absolutely nothing poser about their clothes at all. I just hope one day I’m able to reach that stage, the stage where I can fully find my own personal style and can feel comfortable in my own skin.


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