Melodie’s Top 5 Music LOL List

(In no particular order, because I’m lazy that way)

1. Monty Python’s Every Sperm is Sacred

This is actually a clip taken from The Meaning of Life. As usual it’s not only superficially amusing, it’s also a clever social commentary and parody rolled into one. I also love the well coordinated dancing and the sheer wtf-ness of seeing little girls sing about how ‘sperm is good’. Ahhh Monty Python.

2. Dying Fetus’s Kill Your Mother Rape Your Dog

With a name like that, how can you not be amused? Then there is the parody music video which is so incongruous and irrelevant that it’s beyond awesome. Plus points for featuring the Bear in the Big Blue House.

3. Riskay’s Smell Yo Dick

I’m actually compelled to leave no explanation for this one, because that title alone is enough to catapult it to LOL-hell. Instead I shall leave you with some choice lyrics:

“Why you coming home five in the mone (morning)
Something’s going on, can I smell yo dick?
Don’t play me like a fool cause dat ain’t cool
So what you need to do is let me smell yo dick”

4. Deefhoof’s Come See The Duck

This actually starts out promisingly with normal sounding riffs that kind of stay in your head… THEN BOOM! weird nonsensical mandarin (or some vague East Asian origin) accented COME SEE THE DUCK starts chanting. It also helps that watching this video is like some awesome acid trip.

5. Nighwish’s Wishmaster

Yes I know this is old, but somehow it endures and never fails to crack me up. Taaaa!


One response to “Melodie’s Top 5 Music LOL List

  1. ohmygawd YESSSSSSSAJHSDL. HAHAHAHHA and I thought Gravy Train!!! was bad with Titties Bounce…

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