So I’m at work and it’s really boring because I’ve completed just about everything I had to do (which was almost nothing, really), and because Livejournal is DOWN (oh, the humanity!) and I have exhausted all my other sources of entertainment, I do what I do when I have absolutely nothing to do (that is a lot of ‘do’s)… I check my page for no reason other than to get the slight thrill I get from seeing my tracks appear on the Recently Listened charts. Yes, I’m at work and, yes, I’m listening to music.

Anyway, after seeing my tracks appear (ooh the thrill!), I scroll down to look at my Top Artists charts, because that excites me too. As I scroll down, though, something catches my eye! Aha! IS THAT A NEW, AWESOME-LOOKING YANN TIERSEN (top artist #6) PICTURE I SEE?

IT IS! And here it is:

………… by TOYIB

Isn’t it GORGEOUS? By the way, if you don’t know who Yann Tiersen is, he did the soundtracks for the lovely movies Amélie and Good Bye Lenin!. He’s also done a couple of really awesome albums.

ANYWAY, the point of the post is the awesome photographer/digital artist, TOYIB. I went to his site and everything was just so amazingly pretty. I couldn’t even choose which ones I liked the best because they were all great. So instead of posting my favourites (I am indecisive), I’ll just post a few random ones.



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