A La Folie… Pas Du Tout


Some time ago, they showed A La Folie… Pas Du Tout on Arts Central (the local arty/documentary channel) and I clean forgot about it. I ended up catching only the ending bit of this film which to eternity I shall regret… because I ended up watching the twist without experiencing the build up.

Last week however, I had the luck to chance upon it in a small film rental place near my Grandmother’s house and ended up borrowing to watch with my friend (we’re both Audrey Tatou fans). Watching it through the lens of someone who has seen the ending (or alternatively someone who is seeing it for the second time), I was absolutely blown away by how artfully and carefully the first half of the story was constructed. I also had the bonus of being treated to the very vocal emotional responses of my friend who was also watching the film – it helped me see how others were able to view the characters without knowledge of the twist.

In a nutshell the film is about Angélique, an art student in university. She works as a waitress in a bar with her friend Héloïse. She meets Loïc, a doctor married to a pregnant lawyer wife named Rachel, and they embark on a clandestine affair with tragic consequences for all.

A La Folie is definitely a film worth catching because it is simply so well written and filmed, the twist is completely unexpected (I fear I have ruined it a little by even revealing that there is a twist!) and everything is well explained. M N Shyamalan has absolutely nothing on this masterpiece.


2 responses to “A La Folie… Pas Du Tout

  1. yay! first to comment! That actress looks like the one from Amelie Poulain, another great french film too.

  2. it is! haha. audrey tautou

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