Jackets jackets jackets

The more I type the word “Jacket”, the more it doesn’t look like a word! This has been happening to me a lot these days… Like the other day I was typing “It’s different”, and I had to pause and check it again because it just felt like it wasn’t a word, or that I had spelt it so atrociously that it didn’t look like anything anymore. Maybe I think too much? I don’t know.

ANYWAY, I really want a leather jacket. Or a bomber jacket. Or one of Fred Perry’s wonderful waxed Harringtons. THEY ARE LOVELY. Although maybe I’ll look a little, I don’t know, contrived or something. IS THAT EVEN THE RIGHT WORD FOR THIS? I am trying to expand my vocabulary here.

Yes, and the last two Fred Perry jackets in my set are men’s jackets but just pretend that they were made for women. They have almost the exact same thing for females, just smaller and shinier! I simply couldn’t figure out how to clip the images from the online store.


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