I was introduced to Hadouken! by Sam, who loves this band to bits. Wikipedia and last.fm lists them as grime, electronic, dance-punk and new rave, amongst other labels, but I’m absolutely terrible with genres so I won’t even attempt to fit them anywhere.

I must say it wasn’t love at first listen, or second, or third, or fourth, etcetc, and I’m still not completely liking the band, but some songs are just SO CATCHY. They do still give me headaches after one too many listens (as most other bands of this genre tend to do), and James Smith’s voice CAN get kind of annoying (then again, many voices annoy me… Robert Smith’s – gasp! yes! The Cure frontman – being one of them, as well as Eddie Argos from Art Brut), but I’ve found myself listening to them recently and kind of not minding it at all. I wouldn’t say I love it yet, but it’s certainly growing on me.

I’ll leave it up to you to judge, but, just a word of warning: if you aren’t a fan of noise AT ALL, you probably wouldn’t want to listen to this.

For fans of: Late of the Pier, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Bono Must Die

Mister Misfortune
That Boy That Girl
Driving Nowhere (this song is rather atypical of a Hadouken! song I think)

zShare again for easy previewing!


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