I don’t care what the critics say. Penelope has to be the CUTEST movie ever. Call me lame, but I loved how the theme was all “looks aren’t everything” and how the whole movie was really about finding yourself and accepting yourself for who you are, which is something I have to learn to do as well. I suppose that’s why the movie affected me so much emotionally.

Besides, it didn’t hurt that the movie had Christina Ricci, who has always been one of my favourite actresses, and James McAvoy, who I’ve been in love with ever watching The Last King of Scotland. He’s such a charmer.

Another thing I loved about the movie was that they used the lovely song Hoppipolla by Sigur Rós (ambient, post-rock, simply gorgeous). The song is just so amazingly beautiful. You can download it here (right-click, save as)


One response to “Penelope

  1. woot! ~*love yourself~*

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