Youth Without Youth

Yesterday I went to watch Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth. It reminded me strongly of Hesse’s Siddhartha x Back to the Future coupled with Linguistics orgasms. In short, it took every single bit of my 18 year old mind to understand – and even then I’m sure I didn’t ‘get’ everything. Cinematically it was an absolutely stunning piece, the colours were beautifully toned, the sets were awe inspiring, the acting excellent and best of all… the costumes!

As the movie spanned almost 70 years, from flashbacks around the late 18th century to the 1960s, the costumes also changed appropriately. I also really liked looking at their changing hairstyles as well, so here are some stills culled from the movie:







One response to “Youth Without Youth

  1. Omg, melodie, this film looks gorgeous

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