Forest City Lovers

Forest City Lovers have an amazing sound. I’d never really listened to them even though I got their albums a while back. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Honestly. I should have started earlier. I’ve been listening to both their albums (The Sun and the Wind and Haunting Moon Sinking) over and over these past few days and there’s nothing I can say but WOW. The vocals are lovely; they remind me of Feist (or maybe even Cat Power), but they don’t bore me like she does. Everything fits perfectly, and it’s GREAT to listen to when you’ve been feeling terrible (like I have been), but it’s fitting as well for a good day. I could hardly even pick my favorites from the two albums because everything was just that great. Trust me on this: LISTEN TO THEM.

For fans of: Feist, Cat Power, Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, Angus & Julia Stone

Scared of Time
Waiting By the Fence

(files hosted on zshare because you can listen to it before you download)


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